For the farmers

Increase profits by increasing the demand for your crop

All costs in the supply chain get deducted from the Farmer’s price, eventually. Make sure you Shorten the Chain to the Buyer that adds the most value.

Price discovery at any location of any crop

We connect Buyers and Sellers of agricultural produce

An MX Broker will help you to negotiate with all Buyers interested in your crop. You can watch the process step by step on how to get to the Right Price.

Step 1

Find your Broker

Browse through all the MX brokers. Phone, email, or connect with one via the MX APP. Your MX Broker has only one objective: to do the best for you.

Step 2


Your Broker will Scout the market, post Lots, and Negotiate on your behalf. You can watch all actions step by step on your phone while your Broker is discovering the right price for you.

Step 3

Make a Deal

Once you get a Match, your Broker will help you finalize the transaction. MX will invoice the Buyer on your behalf and make sure you get paid.

WhatsApp “MX” to 072 332 2936 if you want one of our Brokers to make contact.

Available for most major agricultural products

Commodities available to trade on MatchMX

Grains & Oilseed

  • NWheat
  • NYellow Maize
  • NWhite Maize
  • NSoybeans
  • NSunflower Seed
  • NSweet Lupins
  • NCanola
  • NOats
  • NBarley
  • NBitter Lupins
  • NSorghum
  • NPopcorn

Legumes & Pulses

  • NGreen Peas
  • NYellow Peas
  • NPigeon Peas
  • NCowpeas
  • NChickpeas
  • NMixed Peas
  • NBlack Eyed Beans
  • NDrybeans
  • NSmall White Beans
  • NSugarbeans
  • NBlack Beans
  • NButter Beans
  • NRed Kidney Bean
  • NWhite Kidney Bean
  • NHalf White Beans
  • NMung Beans
  • NBazuki Beans
  • NRed Lentils
  • NGreen Lentils
  • NBlack Lentils
  • NYellow Lentils
  • NLe Puy Lentils
  • NMixed Lentils


  • NWheat Straw
  • NBarley Straw
  • NOats Hay
  • NOats Straw
  • NMedic Hay
  • NLucerne Hay
  • NMaize Straw
  • NTeff Hay
  • NCanola Straw
  • NEragrostis grass
  • NRhodes grass
  • NMaize Silage
  • NOats Silage
  • NSorghum Silage
  • NPearl Millet Silage
  • NRye Silage
  • NVetch Silage
  • NMixed Crop Silage


  • NWheat Bran
  • NOats Bran
  • NCanola Oilcake
  • NMaize Hominy Chop
  • NMaize Crushed
  • NMaize Corn Gluten 20 feed
  • NMaize Corn Gluten 60 feed
  • NSoybean Oilcake
  • NSoybean Hulls
  • NPeanut Hulls
  • NCottonseed Oilcake
  • NCottonseed Delinted

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A breakdown of our fees for farmers

You can sign up for free as an unverified user (We strongly recommend verifying to build trust)

Subscribers get access to features like:
• “Browse the Market”
• “Clear with MX”
• “Appoint an agent”

Annual Subscription

GrainSA members get the first year’s subscription for free.

On-Farm Storage

Increase the demand by indicating to the market that you can sell your crop from your farm.

Clearing fee
Make sure you get paid by activating the MX Clearing function. It is worthwhile; the Clearing fee is only R3.50 per ton for a product that sells for R3500 per ton.
Broker fee
R3 per ton

This is the best value ever! Your MX Broker will always do the best for you.

Invoice Generation
R1 per ton

MX Makes it easy to do business with your Matched counterparty. Once subscribed to MX we can invoice the Buyer on your behalf.

The above fees are exclusive of VAT.

Where all the magic happens

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Connect to all the buyers of your crop. Unleash the power of exploring all options to get the right price. Discover more profitable markets.

For Transporters

Get access to many available jobs. Optimise your routes and limit empty legs.

For Buyers

Discover your most optimal supply chain. Our data will guide you to understand what farming areas, farmers and transporters serve you best. Traceability back to farm or silo.