We Shorten the Supply Chain. You Increase Profits.

Do you know the costs between the Farmer and the Final Buyer? Is it R50 per ton or R100 per ton, or even more? We think it is time that you know. MX Shortens the Supply Chain but also makes it visible.

We Shorten the Supply Chain. You increase profits.

Where all the magic happens

Marketing your crop, or procuring your annual need, has never been this easy.

An MX Broker helps shorten the Chain and ensures you get to the Right Price. The magic is that you can watch your Broker's actions step by step on your cell phone.

Your Broker will Scout the market, post Lots, and negotiate on your behalf. Our Brokers' sole objective is to do the best for you, but you can still keep a watchful eye on every step.

For the Farmers

Increase the demand for your crop. Shorten the Chain to the Buyer that adds the most value.

For the Buyers

Get direct access to many more Farmers that produce what you want in the area you wish to

To start your MX journey, WhatsApp “start” to 072 332 2936.


Don’t just take our word for it